sunclockSunclock is a J2ME Midlet for mobile devices that displays a map of the Earth and indicates the illuminated portion of the globe by drawing sunlit areas dark on light, night areas as light on dark. In addition to providing local time for the default timezone, it also displays up to four additional cities on the map with the local times also. The map updated every minute to follow the movement of the earth.

Using the Setup menu you can choose the cities according to your interest. You can give the DST rules for the chosen city. If you have internet access on your handset you should search the city using the "Search" menu and the remote service will find the proper DST rule settings for you. Otherwise you should use the provided online DST rule search service on the top right corner of this page. You have to specify the correct timezone values relative from GMT (for example +5.5hours will appear as 530) and the integer WGS-84 coordinates multiplied by ten (N14.7432 will be lat: 147) of the cities to display them on the map. Thus most of the current phones do not supports the timezone settings, the localtime will be calculated based on the Main City setup and the internal phone clock will be interpreted as a timezone corrected local time value according to the Main City timezone selection.


Java download v1.3.28

Download the application to your computer for local (bluetooth/irda/cable) install:


You have two main options to installing this midlet to your mobile phone.
  • The easiest method is the OTA, just start your internal phone browser and navigate to the website, select a suitable variant (if unsure, select the first one with the lowest number) and download and install the software like any other java application.
  • The most confortable way is to download the proper variant to your computer and send the downloaded XXX.jar file to your device using bluetooth or cable connection.
  • For more information see this tutorial.




release notes

Sunclock v1.3.28 @ 12/25/2011 07:26 PM
  • 480px version added with new image
  • help text displayed at first run
Website update: Firefox3 @ 01/02/2009 01:36 AM
DST rule search fixed with Firefox 3+
Sunclock v1.3.26 @ 10/12/2008 11:47 AM
  • Rendering bug corrected
Sunclock v1.3.24 @ 09/30/2008 12:06 PM
  • Bad rendering after day 266 - fixed
Sunclock v1.3.22 @ 07/23/2008 11:56 PM
  • Phone Time saving bug fixed
  • fullscreen hotkey moved to STAR key according to other midlets
  • new splash screen mechanism (better compatibility)
  • modified About screen
Sunclock v1.3.20 @ 06/08/2008 10:44 PM
  • hide bug fixed
Sunclock v1.3.18 @ 06/06/2008 01:00 AM
  • URLs redirected to custom cgi
  • smaller AND nicer images
  • update, search bugfix
  • water hemisphere DST fixed
  • hotkeys added
  • fullscreen
  • smarter layout
Website update: tech @ 06/01/2008 01:06 PM
Tech page added, first with the DST rules explanation.
Sunclock v1.3.16 @ 05/22/2008 07:40 AM
  • new urls for searching
  • new phone time option for some phone models during DST
  • smaller jar file
  • new command added to make a city to main location
  • UTF8 city name handling
Sunclock v1.3.15 @ 05/04/2008 05:01 PM
  • cosmetic fix when using large fonts
  • new splash screen
  • Sydney DST rules fixed
Website update: geocoding @ 04/26/2008 10:31 PM
Geocoding service extended with Google geocoder
Sunclock v1.3.14 @ 04/18/2008 08:58 AM
  • 320px wide version added (nothing new for other resolutions)


Download the nightly svn backup here: sunclock-nightly.tgz
(0MB created: 1970-01-01)