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DST rules explained


  • timespec1 - switch to standard time zone
  • timespec2 - switch to daylight saving time


# meaning encoding example
1. DST offset in hours 0,1,2 - increasing 0,1,2 hours; a,b,c - decreasing 1,2,3 hours '1' - +1 hour
2. The time of the day of the DST change a,b,c - midnight, 1am, 2am; v,w,x - 9pm, 10pm, 11pm 'c' - 2am

timespec common

The first character of the timespec tell us the month. But there are three different in-month time specification model therefore the second char of the timespec will select the meaning of the consecutive two characters. The three different selection values are: 'X', 'D' and 'A'.
# meaning encoding example
1. Month A,B,C,.. - January, February, March, etc 'J' - October
2. Timespec selection field 'X','D' or 'A' 'D' - the char #3-4 will be interpreted using the 'D' type timespec specification

timespec 'X'

exact date
# meaning encoding example
1-2. Day of the month 01,02,03,04 - the day of the month in decimal encoding with leading zeroes '09' - 9th of the month

timespec 'D'

one occurence of a specified weekday
# meaning encoding example
1. Number of occurence 1,2,3,4 - first, second, third, fourth; a,b,.. - last, last but one, etc '2' - second <2.> day of the month
2. Weekday 1,2,3,.. - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc '1' - Sunday

timespec 'A'

a specified weekday right after the specified day of the month
# meaning encoding example
1. Day of the month a-z - 1st-26th; 0-5 - 27th-31st '1' - 28th of the month
2. Weekday 1,2,3,.. - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc '1' - Sunday